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Admissions Criteria

There are two fundamental questions asked when considering admissions of applicants to the American Community School:

  1. Do we believe they will be successful at ACS?
  2. If they have any special needs, can ACS adequately and appropriately support these needs?

When reviewing for the admission of an applicant, we seek to create a comprehensive profile while considering the admissions criteria:

  • What is the profile of the school the applicant is attending
  • Reports from schools attended
  • Recommendations from the school (online recommendation via SchoolRecs)
  • MAP testing results (other standardized assessments may also be reviewed), if appropriate
  • Writing sample
  • Language proficiency
  • Interview with the applicant
  • Student Support screening
  • Age of the applicant
  • Credits to meet the ACS graduation requirements? (High School applicants only)


ACS considers gender and nationalities of all applicants when accepting students to ensure a balanced and diverse community.